Monday, June 4, 2012

Crude Oil Prices Fall: Gasoline Prices Still High

I suppose it would make sense to credit President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, for this reduction in crude oil prices, since those of us who oppose his policies don't mind blaming him for every bad result coming from his inept economic policies. 

But the President really has done some things that drive prices up. And he has done very little to offset this. He has banned domestic drilling, vetoed pipelines and shut down some offshore drilling sites.

Just remember that it is the stated goal of the lunatic left to force higher energy prices. They want higher prices so we will "get off our addiction to fossil fuels." They would prefer if we were using solar plants. Just like the one Diane Feinstein tried to shoot down in the Mojave Desert because they weren't hiring enough union workers and some turtle might have been endangered.... or by using windmills like the ones Teddy Kennedy blocked because they ruined his view.

The bottom line really is that the price of gas is now almost twice as high "on his watch" and it is very difficult for Barack Obama to blame the Tea Party or Mitt Romney for this.

The price of crude oil may have come down some, but the price of gasoline is still very high in many places. Crude oil isn't the only component of gasoline. There are also taxes, refinery and distribution costs to consider.

Here are the facts:
In California, the only state which regularly reports their average price of gas on the internet, gasoline is still more than twice as high as when Obama took office, promising "affordable gas prices."

I am not making this up, and I didn't get it from some highly suspicious source like Fox News or the Wall Street Journal. Please feel free to check these numbers on Governor Jerry Moonbeam Brown's own official state website.

California is probably the highest cost state because they require special seasonal formulas for gasoline, to reduce carbon emissions.

But the point is still valid. The price is more than twice as high as it was the day Obama took office in the same state. And the price everywhere else is ALMOST twice as high.

Relatively speaking the people in California, as well as the rest of us, are suffering.

They are just suffering a little more.

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