Monday, June 18, 2012

"If I had a brother, he would have looked like Rodney King"

Rodney King, 1965-2012
Washington DC. June 18, 2012. President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, has authorized a National Day of Mourning for civil rights leader Rodney King.

Rodney King died sometime early Sunday morning after a night of drinking and smoking marijuana. He was found drown in the swimming pool of the mansion he had purchased with some of the settlement money he won from his lawsuit against the LAPD.

President Obama said: "We will all mourn the loss of this great Civil Rights leader, and I have ordered all flags on federal buildings to be flown at half staff for the next 30 days."

Rodney King is best known for bringing national attention to the problem of police brutality and forcing the needed reforms to police departments all over the country. He also help popularize the cultural phenomenon of looting, which eventually led to the the popular use of flash mobs to rob convenience stores and terrorize white people.

While President Obama did not directly blame former President Bush for this tragedy, he did imply that "white racism killed Rodney King." The president went on to say "if I had a brother, he would have looked just like Rodney King" mirroring his statement about the Trayvon Martin killing this February.

"Of course George Bush did not directly cause King's death," President Obama said, "but it was his policies that caused the despair that motivated King to use drugs and alcohol. And ultimately these were the agents that killed him."
"America has suffered a great loss"

Obama press secretary Jay Carney explained "Mr. King was despondent and depressed about President Bush lying about WMDs in Iraq, and unfortunately this depression led him to use drugs and alcohol which ultimately caused his premature death."

"We can all honor the memory of Rodney King by voting for President Obama in November," Carney added. "Rodney would have wanted it that way. Join Rodney King in voting for President Obama this November. ACORN has already filed Rodney's absentee ballot."

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