Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fisher-Price Launches New Barack Obama Toys for Kids

My First Teleprompter
East Aurora, NY. June 23, 2012. The Fisher-Price Corporation, a leading manufacturer of children's educational toys, has announced a new line of toys designed to allow children to use their imagination and play at being Barack Hussein Obama, the current President of the USA.

Two exciting and educational new Fun With Barack™ toys will be released later this summer, with several additional models being released before the Christmas shopping season.

The hope is that if children have these creative toys to play with, they can emulate their role model, and perhaps someday aspire to the same high level of achievement as President Obama has accomplished.

The first model in the Fun With Barack™ series will be My First Telepromter™ and will encourage small children to develop language skills. This toy will help children aged 3-8 to overcome their fear of public speaking and help prepare them for future careers in public service and politics.

The second model, which will be released simultaneously, will be "Lets Play Golf!™" This fun toy will allow children aged 5-10 to enjoy playing president by simulating President Obama's daily workload. 

With this highly creative and entertaining toy, children can go out on their imaginary golf course (usually a back yard) and face the daily rigors of playing challenging holes and battling devious sand traps.

Lets Play Golf
Their friends can play the roles of visiting foreign dictators, and they can schmooze them and negotiate disarmament deals that leave the USA virtually disarmed and helpless.

It will provide the perfect opportunity for them to play "Take Some Stimulus Money, The Taxpayers Won't Care."

The Lets Play Golf™ cart is powered by a 6 volt rechargeable battery and is Eco-friendly and appropriately recyclable so they can be "green."

The Fisher-Price Corporation is a subsidiary of Mattel Toys Inc. Five percent of the proceeds from the sale of these toys will go to the Barack Obama Reelection Committee.

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