Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Opinion: Barack Obama - The Teflon President

Afghanis burn President Obama in effigy
Two recent events in Afghanistan illustrate that no one seems willing to blame President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Keyna, for anything he is actually responsible for.

The incident involving the burning of Korans, and the tragic massacre of 16 Afghani civilians are not blamed on President Obama's leadership or lack of clear direction. The media doesn't hold Obama responsible for any of this, and neither do the Democrats or Republicans in Congress. Code Pink has been oddly silent, and so has Amnesty International.

We all know that no president has direct control over these things, but it was very common for former President Bush to be held accountable for anything our military did, as he was Commander in Chief. The media and the political left were so incensed by the Abu Ghraib incident in Iraq in 2004, that many called for his impeachment and were even suggesting he should be tried for War Crimes.

Similarly, a fraudulent Newsweek story about our soldiers flushing a Koran down a toilet in the Guantanamo Detention center was met with outrage by the media and the radical left. Again, they were blaming President Bush for this outrage. When the story was proven false, and finally retracted by Newsweek, there was no apology for the President.

Surely... the massacre of 16 civilians is a more serious matter than taunting a few prisoners and making they wear dog collars? The actual burning of many Korans has to be more serious than a fictitious flushing of one. Why isn't this President held accountable for anything on his watch?

President Obama takes no responsibility for his failures
President Obama's economic policies have been a complete failure. There were no "shovel ready jobs" and unemployment rates are still near record highs.

Food stamp use is at a record high, and we have the highest percentage of our population living below the poverty level since 1959.

And this is despite almost four years of throwing stimulus money around, which added $6 trillion to our national debt.

Surely, President Obama didn't cause these problems, but he should be held accountable for failing to make much progress on them. He virtually had a blank check, and he used it. But none of his policies has done very much to help our economy improve. Although they did enrich many of his favorite special interest groups and campaign donors.

In my view, the media and the radical left have done an excellent job suppressing any real political dissent against the president's policies by claiming that if you find fault with this president, then you are a racist. The constant repetition of this theme has a subconscious effect on people. They hold their tongues, for fear of being labeled as racists.

Does anyone think that a Republican president, or even a white Democrat would get this sort of three plus year honeymoon with the media? Isn't there anything they can find worth criticizing this president for? 

President Obama finally withdrew our troops from Iraq exactly 18 months after President Bush's timetable. He escalated the war in Afghanistan, sending 30,000 more troops there, and launched a fresh war in Libya and a drone war in Yemen. Even now he is threatening war with Syria and Iran. And not one peep from the media on any of this.

His version was he didn't do anything for the past 3 years
What happened to Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink? Did they disappear? Did they change their feelings about war? Or are they still protesting, but not attracting any media coverage?

The only thing people seem willing to blame the President for is "high gas prices" and that is probably because he was so vocal in his wish to "bankrupt the coal industry" and in his opposition to new drilling sites and pipelines.

This president seems to have absolutely no energy plan... other than generously giving taxpayer money to political cronies running various green energy scams.

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