Friday, March 23, 2012

Desperate President Falsely Accuses Fox News

NYC, Mar 23, 2012. Feeling the pressure of declining approval ratings and of polls showing him losing to either Republican Mitt Gingrich or Rick Santorum in the upcoming election, President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, has lashed out at Fox News.

The controversy was further inflamed when recent primary election-eve poll showed that 52 percent of likely Mississippi Republican voters think President Obama is Muslim. In Alabama, the corresponding figure is 45 percent. Why do so many people think President Obama is a Muslim? The President blames Fox News.

Obama told a sympathetic group of labor leaders that
"he held Fox partly responsible for him 'losing white males'.… Fed by Fox News, they hear Obama is a Muslim 24/7, and it begins to seep in"
However, the problem with this brash accusation is that it is utterly and completely false. There is absolutely no proof of anyone employed by Fox News ever saying he was a Muslim on the air. Not one time, much less "24/7" as President Obama claimed.

There are some other, much better, reasons that many people think the President is a Muslim. And unlike his false claim, all of the following are 100% true:

* He was raised as a Muslim
* He studied the Muslim Koran as a child, and can still quote from it from memory
* He attended a Muslim school in Indonesia, where his religion was listed as Muslim.
* His father and stepfather were both Muslims
* He has three Muslim names, that he close himself
* His Muslim half brothers in Kenya say he is a Muslim
* He wore Islamic ceremonial garb, for a religious ceremony in Kenya
* He once slipped, and mentioned "my Muslim faith" during a TV interview
* He once referred to the USA as "one of the largest Muslim nations on earth"
* He has held Iftar Dinners at the White House, celebrating the Muslim holiday Ramadan
* He has expressed support for Hamas, an Islamic Terrorist group
* He gave Hamas $900 million of stimulus money, that they used to buy rockets
* He frequently quotes from "The Holy Qu'ron" by never calls the Christian Bible "The Holy Bible"
* He has ordered that the term "Islamic Extremism" not be used in U.S. Government documents
* He bypassed a Congressional ban to give $1.5 billion in aid to the Muslim Brotherhood

Despite all this evidence, it actually is possible that President Obama isn't a Muslim. He may not be one, but sometimes he sure seems to act like one. If a lot of people think he is a Muslim, then it isn't because of anything Fox News said or did. It is simply because President Obama has done all those things listed above, and acted in a way "somewhat consistent" with being a Muslim. But that still doesn't prove he is a Muslim.

In fact, it is highly unlikely that President Obama is a Muslim. Because he has never been seen performing any of the "five pillars of Islam" and he rotinely drinks alcohol and eats pork. If he is a Muslim, then he must be a very bad one.

The most accurate description you could apply is that President Obama has a deep appreciation for Islamic culture, and sympathizes with Islamic causes. If a lot of people wrongly think that the President is a Muslim, then he has only himself to blame for that, not Fox News.


  1. Marty4640 - You made some very good points. In regards to Obama eating pork and consuming alcoholic beverages, I refer to him as a "closet Muslim." He knows he cannot declare himself a devout Muslim as "President" of the United States. If he had done so during his first campaign, I strongly doubt he would have stood a chance of winning the nomination because of the truth of Islamic Jihad goals. As Americans, we wouldn't take that. What do you think?

  2. I think President Obama isn't a very religious man. Like most on the radical left, he is probably an atheist at heart. But he does seem to have strong sympathy of the Islamic culture, probably due to his being raised as a Muslim. He constantly praises Islam, Islamic achievements, and even quotes from the Koran. And he only attends church during an election year.