Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cheney Gets Heart Transplant from Unlikely Source

Mr. Cheney is very grateful for donated heart
Washington DC, Mar 25, 2012.  The recent heart transplant received by former Vice President Dick Cheney might have come from an unlikely source, according to speculation made by some sources.

Vice President Cheney's wife Lynne Cheney, reports: "He's like a brand new man. Not just healthier, but better in every way."

"Before the operation, he was almost an invalid," she told us. "But now he wants to shoot hoops all day long. And he can really nail those three point shots."

Mrs. Cheney also reports that "he is now a wonderful dancer, and has absolutely no need for Viagra anymore. I guess this means we will save a fortune at the pharmacy."

"Lately, all he wants to wear are hooded sweatshirts and baggy pants. I'm just glad he's alive and doing so well, even if his fashion sense has deteriorated," Mrs. Cheney added.
Other sources close to the former Vice President also report some changes in him since his recent heart transplant, and some of these changes aren't what they consider good changes.

Tom Whitman, a longtime friend and political adviser to Dick Cheney, says he was troubled when he heard Mr. Cheney saying "President Obama has some very good ideas." Even more disturbing was hearing Mr. Cheney said he will probably vote for President Obama in the election this fall.

Is this the possible organ donor?
Doctor Najeeb M.G. Charhandasu, a well respected transplant expert from John Hopkins Medical Center, says this type of thing isn't that unusual in heart transplant cases.

"Sometimes the traits of the transplant donor can surface in the transplant recipient. This can happen very routinely," Dr. Charhandasu told us. 

Since the donor's identity is confidential then none of us will ever know who he or she was, not even Mr. Cheney himself.

But now it seems very likely that the donor may have been someone very different from the former Vice President. In both physical and psychological ways.

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