Monday, September 3, 2012

Democrats Want Barack Obama on Mount Rushmore

One possible treatment for an Obama monument
Washington DC, Sep 3, 2012. Despite his poor job performance, prominent  Democrat Party officials are now calling for President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, to be added to the national monument of Presidents at Mt. Rushmore, near Keystone SD.

"Forget about his poor results," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV, told us. "He is still part black, he made history and should therefore be commemorated on a prominent national monument."

As President Obama enters the final weeks of his reelection campaign, his weak poll numbers are causing anger, bitterness and dismay from his loyal supporters. Ultra Leftwing political commentator Chris Mathews, D-San Franciso, is so upset that he is talking even faster, and doing a much better job of not allowing any of his guests to answer any questions he asks them.

President Obama has been most noteworthy for the improvement in his golf game and his lavish vacation choices, rather than any real accomplishments he has made in office. After almost four years in office, he has accomplished almost nothing, with the sole exception of legalizing gays in the military. In fact, every single problem that he promised to fix has gotten much worse.

His socialized medicine initiative will doubtlessly be repealed if he fails to win reelection and loses Congress in November's election.

20 foot tall chair, dedicated to Pres. Obama
Despite all of this, President Obama is still beloved by a large portion of our population because he brings diversity to the White House. No matter how badly he performs his job, he will still be popular with this group. This voting group cares little about actual results, unless a Republican president is in office.

As Clint Eastwood suggested at last week's Republican Convention, the Obama presidency can best be symbolized by an empty chair. And this analogy has seemed to have caught on with the American public. Empty chair memorials are popping up all over the country now.

The City of Martinsville, VA, a state that President Obama narrowly carried in the 2008 Presidential election, has erected a 20 foot tall empty chair as their Obama Monument in their downtown shopping area.

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