Sunday, August 26, 2012

Democrats Plan Multiple Protests at GOP Convention

Code Pink Protestor
Tampa FL, Aug 26, 2012. As the Republicans are preparing for their convention next week, so are the Democrat protesters. The radical Democrats have vowed to move ahead with their plans, rain or shine.

Every leftwing fringe group is planning some sort of demonstration designed to disrupt the GOP Convention. The protesters plan to make it more difficult for the Republicans to get their message out by staging elaborate and disruptive protests that will draw media attention.

Code Pink says they will be there wearing their "vagina suits" to protest the Republican war on women. They believe that if they dress up in "big vagina costumes" undecided voters will rally behind President Obama this November. They will also protest former President Bush's war in Iraq, but not current President Obama's war in Afghanistan.

PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) will be protesting at the convention, because most Republicans aren't vegetarians. The fact that most Democrats aren't vegetarians too has no bearing on this. They aren't planning to protest the Democrat Convention.

Planned Parenthood
will also be protesting at the GOP Convention too, because they say most Republicans are opposed to abortions.They say they have proof that most Republicans refuse to terminate their pregnancies, and they find this offensive.

The AFL-CIO and SEIU will also be well represented outside the GOP Convention in Tampa. Their main complaint is that most Republicans refuse to pay unskilled labor $40 per hour, and refuses to give their employees unlimited job security. They also say it is unfair that some employers are asking workers to pay a portion of their healthcare insurance and pay into their pension funds.

PETA protests against Chicken McNuggets
The CP-USA (Communist Party USA) will be there protesting the GOP's failure to support President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya. They feel there should be no alternative option for voters. They have always been strong supporters of a one party system of government for the USA.

NAMBLA (National Man-Boy Love Association) will be protesting the GOP's hardline on child abuse, especially when it involves the same sex rape of minors. They find the Democrat Party much more tolerant of their lifestyle and their beliefs.

The OWS (Occupy Wall Street) movement has been resurrected for the GOP Convention by their managers at the DNC. They will be protesting against capitalism, student loan repayments, and the unfair distribution of wealth among all people on earth. Their spokesman Warren Buffett will be leading a protest against the very rich.

The NAACP will be out in force, protesting against segregated buses in Selma Alabama in 1953. They say even though these conditions have changed over the past six decades, they really have nothing else to protest about. So they are sticking with the theme that made them famous and put them on the map.

The Sierra Club will be protesting against Americans using electricity, and other forms of energy that are harmful for Mother Earth. They say that Republicans are the worst offenders in this regard, and many of them are addicted to fossil fuels and actually enjoy harming the environment. They feel that the GOP Convention is the ideal place to protest this.

OWS protesters are upset about Supply and Demand
Most on the radical left feel that the GOP should not be holding conventions and selecting candidates. They feel that President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, should be allowed to run unopposed.

They are offended that anyone would not want to reelect President Obama, who they see as one of their own kind.

While each protest group has their own specific theme, they are basically protesting democracy. They feel that only the Democrat party should be allowed to hold conventions and select candidates.

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