Saturday, August 18, 2012

Reelection Hopes Dim: Obama is stuck with Joe Biden

It's too late now. Obama is stuck with Biden
Washington DC, Aug. 18, 2012. President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, got some bad news this week when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused his offer of "swapping places" with Vice President Joe Biden, D- DE.

Vice President Biden is well known for his affinity towards putting his foot in his mouth, and frequently says things that are incomprehensible, completely wrong, or downright offensive. According to informed sources, this was the main reason Obama selected Biden as his running mate. With Biden at his side, Obama would always look like "the smart one."

After a series of recent unfortunate gaffes, the President was persuaded by his advisers to dump Joe Biden from the ticket for the upcoming election, and replace him with Hillary Clinton.  But Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could not be persuaded to change places with the inept Biden to bolster the President's reelection chances.

Ms. Clinton polls significantly better than the gaffe-prone VP, and could have supplied the margin of victory for President Obama. Ms. Clinton told one of our White House sources "Why on earth would I want to go down with a sinking ship? In 2008 the Democrat Party selected Obama over me, despite the fact that I won more primary races with more votes. Now, they can dig their way out of this mess without my help."

Ms. Clinton and Angela Merkel swap Biden jokes
Former Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder, D-VA, shared his reaction to Vice President Joe Biden's recent series of verbal gaffes. Wilder doesn’t think it’s too late for Biden to apologize for the comments said in Virginia, but pointed out that Biden stated he was in North Carolina, “You’re in Virginia man. Get your act together.”

“This doesn’t help the president,” Wilder said. Although he has serious doubts that Biden could help Obama in the upcoming election, he said, “It’s not too late for Joe Biden to clean up his act.”

Wilder concluded, “[Obama’s] stuck. It’s almost like the tar baby. He’s stuck with what he’s got.”

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