Thursday, February 2, 2012

First Lady Goes on $50,000 Lingerie Shopping Spree

NYC, Feb 2, 2012. First Lady Michelle Obama is doing her part to help the economy and create new jobs. Last week she spent $50,000 at Agent Provocateur, a high end lingerie boutique, buying a few necessities for her wardrobe. 

Fortunately the store Mrs. Obama shopped at is located on Madison Avenue in NYC, and not one in the UK, so her spending could create some jobs here in the USA. She is setting a good example on how women can help kickstart the economy.

The purchase of high priced underwear certainly raises questions about how serious the Obamas are about "shared sacrifice" at a time when most American women are scrimping and saving and trying to stretch every dollar they have left.

Beautiful lingerie costs plenty
Up until now, the First Lady has been careful to portray herself as a smart shopper and bargain hunter who buys her clothing at Target like common people do. Spending this much on high end lingerie certainly doesn't fit with this image. For most American women, $50,000 is "the price of two cars" and not the cost of a few pieces of nice underwear.

There was some speculation as to why the First Lady needed to buy such expensive lingerie. Her husband, the President, seems to be spending a lot of time on the golf course and this might have something to do with keeping him home more often.

The White House issued an angry denial following claims that Michelle Obama indulged in this $50,000 shopping spree at a luxury lingerie boutique in New York.

According to one report, Agent Provocateur's boutique on Madison Avenue in NYC was partially closed off for the U.S. First Lady to shop without being unnecessarily disturbed by her fans and admirers. 

Kristina Schake, director of communications for First Lady Michelle Obama said: "This story is 100 per cent false. She never spent that much."


  1. Maybe she only spent $49,999.99?

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