Friday, January 20, 2012

Opinion: Mainstream Media Campaigns for Obama

"I  can't help it if they love me"
The mainstream media is working hard to reelect President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya.

Their strategy is to pick off the Republican challengers one by one, to make certain there is no dominant frontrunner who can gain momentum going into the election this fall. 

As each Republican candidate starts getting some traction, they will target them and find some real flaw to exaggerate or misrepresent to make them fall to the bottom of the pile.

This sort of treatment is reserved only for those who might replace Obama, because they will treat the President with kid gloves, overlooking all his flaws, and never asking him any really tough questions.

Want proof?

Lets review what has happened during the Republican primary race....
  • Michelle Bachmann got an early lead by winning the Iowa straw poll. The mainstream media immediately went to war against Bachmann, portraying her as a lightweight and a holy roller. Eventually they "Palinized" her right out of the race. If you got your information from the mainstream media, you were informed that she is "crazy," a "zombie" a"phony-ass broad" and a "skank." The score is now Obama 1, Republicans 0
  • Rick Perry, another Tea Party candidate, enters the race, and leads in the polls. He seems to be the obvious choice for the nomination. But then the media, working in conjunction with the White House, goes to war with Perry and the Tea Party, calling them domestic terrorists. Perry does poorly in the first few debates, and this becomes headline news that gets constant play until his lead evaporates. Eventually, he too is forced out of the race. The score is now Obama 2, Republicans 0
  • Herman Cain becomes the new frontrunner, and the media goes to work on him. They discover he has a "female friend" that he was less than honest about, and they run with it. They play this to the hilt, eventually forcing him out of the race too. It needs to be said that this was the same media that defended President Clinton, telling us that "his personal business shouldn't matter because we are electing a President not a Pope." But once again, a different standard is applied to the Republican. Obama 3, Republicans 0
  • Newt Gingrich starts gaining momentum, and pulls ahead in the polls. Then the media is shocked to discover that he isn't on good terms with his ex-wife, so this becomes "bombshell news." They immediately schedule damning interviews with the disgruntled ex-wife (and she may have had good cause to be unhappy, but no Democrat ever gets this treatment.) Also note, this was considered a bigger deal than Bill Clinton leaving DNA evidence that proved he was a liar, or John Edwards producing a love child he denied was his. But, remember they were Democrats. Obama 4, Republicans 0
The media didn't bother destroying Republican candidates they felt couldn't beat Obama in the general election, so John Huntsman, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty and Gary Johnson were pretty much left alone.

And they are "saving Mitt Romney for later." Because they actually WANT Romney to get the nomination. so they can destroy him during the general election campaign. Their strategy for this will be to run dozens of special reports and documentaries in October that prove Mormonism is a dangerous cult. The goal will be to undermine any support Romney might have gotten from the Christian Fundamentalists.

45th President? Not if the media can prevent it
You can even see them now demanding to see Romney's tax returns, even though they had no problem with Obama making all his own personal records off limits. We still have no real proof he ever attended Harvard, just his word for it. We have no transcripts, no college roommates who remember him, no professors who can recall seeing him there.

He is alleged to have been the editor of the Harvard Law  Review, even though he never wrote a single piece for it. The media does not question these things.

If the media is successful in getting Obama reelected, then one thing will be certain. In 2013 when Obama starts whining about him having "inherited a mess" this time it will be totally truthful.
Because he will be following the worst president in our history. Himself.

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