Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Poll: No Hope for Obama Reelection in 2012

Washington DC. Feb 2, 2011. The latest public opinion poll by The Spin Cycle, a nationally known and well respected website, has some bad news for President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya.

According to the recent poll, 100% of those responding want "someone other than Barack Obama" to be elected President in 2012.

President Obama ponders disappointing poll results
The actual results to the question "Who Should Be Our Next President?"  break down as follows:

Mitt Romney..................40%
Michelle Bachman..........33%
Mark Rubio....................13%
Sarah Palin......................6%
Mike Huckabee................6%
Barack Hussein Obama....0%

While no one has a clear majority of the votes, Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is now the front runner.

And to the utter astonishment of the Spin Cycle staff, absolutely no one selected President Obama. Also significant is that Tea Party candidate Michelle Bachman finished a strong second in the poll.

Analysts are speculating that President Obama's failure to create jobs and improve the economy, despite spending $3.5 trillion over budget, is the root cause of this dissatisfaction with his job performance. "Every problem Obama inherited he made worse" one well known pundit who asked to remain anonymous told us.

"The deficit is worse, unemployment is higher, gasoline and food prices have gone through the roof, and we have more people living below the poverty level and collecting food stamps then we have ever had before in our history," he went on to say.

The Spin Cycle Poll is widely regarded and well known for it's accuracy and integrity. Unlike other polls, all responders are certified to be "living" and were not compensated in any way for participating in the poll.

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