Thursday, February 17, 2011

Leftwing Plan for "Day of Rage" Fizzles

Washington DC. Feb 17, 2011. The American Radical Left, feeling neglected and unappreciated, had planned "spontaneous" riots and demonstrations for the USA.

They wanted a "Day of Rage" just like the Egyptian people had in Egypt.

However, the plan fell apart once they realized that they already were in full control of the country.

And to make matters worse, and have gotten every single policy they wanted since Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid took over Congress on Jan 4, 2007.  The newly elected GOP House hasn't had time to undo any of the damage yet.

They couldn't find a suitable target to riot against, with President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, in the White House, and the Democrat Cognress having created most of our problems today.

President Barack
At first, the plan was to riot against "unemployment" just like the riots in Egypt were initially about. But then they realized that President Obama drove the unemployment rate up from 6% to almost 10%, so that idea was shelved.

Then, they considered rioting against "higher gasoline prices," until someone remind them that all new drilling for oil was banned by radical Democrats and the President from Kenya.

And the Democrats also banned building new oil refinaries or new nuclear power plants. More to the point, President Obama is currently "trying to drive the coal industry bankrupt," so this wasn't a suitable cause either.

At one point they had seriously considered rioting against "the immoral and outrageous deficit" until they remembered that President Obama and Nancy Pelosi had driven it up $4 trillion in just two short years. This riot theme had to be abandoned too.

There was some talk about initiating riots over "The GOP winning the House in the last election," but that had to be rejected too, since it might look bad if they rioted against a democratic election. 

They finally settled on something they could all agree on, and were planning massive riots against "Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Glen Beck."

And this plan had the most appeal for them, until one of the smarter liberals pointed out that none of these people holds a public office or has had anything to do with creating any of the problems we have today. So that plan was scrapped too.

Now they are left with the prospect of rioting against "the completely unsatisfactory ending of the TV show LOST" or they just might have to riot about "having no one to blame but ourselves for the current economic mess."

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