Monday, July 16, 2012

Hillary Clinton Showered With Gifts by Egyptian People

Mrs. Clinton really enjoyed her visit
Cairo, July 16, 2012.  Yesterday during her official state visit Obama administration Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was showered with gifts and presents from Egyptian well wishers

Enthusiastic Egyptian fans threw wonderful tomatoes and well made shoes at Mrs. Clinton, as a symbol of their friendship and deep affection for her.

Mrs. Clinton was overwhelmed by the gesture and said she really appreciated the friendship and generosity of the Egyptian people.

"It's just so thrilling to get this kind of warm reception from these people," Mrs. Clinton told us. "And the best part was I really needed some new shoes. But I already have too many sandals. I need some nice pumps to go with my pantsuits," the Secretary of State continued.

"Someone tossed me a pair of size 23 shoes that are way too big for me, but would make the perfect Kwanzaa gift for Michelle Obama. I'm going to save those and re-gift them!"

The enthusiastic crowd also offered Mrs. Clinton gifts of various Egyptian fruits and vegetables. "Those Egyptian tomatoes really are wonderful. They are much sweeter and tastier than our own kind," Mrs. Clinton added.

Part of the loot Hillary will be bringing home with her
"I think they might have been confused because they got my name wrong. They kept chanting 'Monica, Monica, Monica' by mistake. I suppose names sometimes get lost in translation, but I still appreciate their gesture of friendship."

Former President Clinton told us "It is always nice when Hillary gets to visit nations 6,000 miles from home. I actually look forward to it."

"That's really the best thing about her job," the former President continued, "she really enjoys traveling and meeting new people."

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  1. I wonder if Monica ever regrets not waiting for Barry O, thinking I wonder if its true what they say about black men...