Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Anthony Weiner Considering Run for Mayor of NYC

"How hard could it be? If Bloomberg can do it, anyone can."
NYC, July 18, 2012. Former congressman Anthony Weiner is considering returning to public life by running for mayor of New York City.

The disgraced liberal Democrat, who was forced to resign from Congress after he admitted to sending sexually suggestive photos of himself to several women, has begun making moves to come back into politics after 13 months living as a private citizen.

"Look, I can ban salt and sugar just as well as Bloomberg can," Weiner told us. "I can outlaw tobacco, raise all taxes and ban cars in Manhattan too.. I'm not in any way limited."

Former Congressman Weiner's election strategy is "to give the voters in NYC exactly what they want." He told our reporter "If they want higher taxes, then I'm the man for the job. Don't ever forget that I was mentored by Barack Obama.  I will specialize in driving taxes up and driving business out of NYC."

His wife Huma Abedin who has a high-powered job as a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, completely supports her husband's desire to be the next Mayor of NYC. "Anthony will do a wonderful job," Ms. Abedin said, "Allah be willing."

"Joey" Chou Sum Mung, a Weiner supporter from Chinatown told us "It will be the best thing for New York if Weiner is erected."

Weiner is well positioned for a comeback. His campaign coffers still have $4.5million he raised as Congressman.

Anthony Weiner still has strong support from NYC's liberals
He has also kept his Manhattan campaign office, his website and the Twitter handle that got him into trouble.

Voters in NYC really don't pay that much attention to whether a politician is honest as long as they are sufficiently liberal.

This explains how Hillary Clinton got elected as Senator twice, while running against much better qualified candidates.

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