Friday, March 11, 2011

President Obama Blames GW Bush for Earthquake

"This is all your fault"
Washington DC. Mar 11, 2011. President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, has laid all blame for the Japanese earthquake and tsumami on his predisesor, former President G.W. Bush.

"This is the second time that President Bush was ill prepared for an earthquake and tsunami."

"First in 2004 in Indonesia, and now in 2011 in Japan," President Obama told us.

"It's like Hurricane Katrina all over again" he added. "Once again, Bush had his eye off the ball, and things are falling through the cracks. I will probably need a second term just to start fixing the damage he created."

"Lets face it," President Obama said. "Bush had no contingency plan for tsunamis and earthquakes. I inherited a mess, and it takes time to develop these strategies while I have my hands full encouraging hope and change, building a better health care system, and apologizing for our nation' past sins."

One reporter, working for FoxNews, asked the President "why he assumed that former President Bush was responsible for anything. Shouldn't this be the new president's job now?"

The President replied, reading from his teleprompter replied:  "I have to deal with important problems like childhood obesity, and bullying in elementary schools. And I also have to help the Governor of Wisconsin balance his budget. These are things that Bush was supposed to handle."

Earthquake damage in Japan
But Obama didn't avoid all responsibility for dealing with this disaster. He said he would be appointing a Tsunami Czar and an Earthquake Czar early next week.

These two new Czars will advise him on how best to respond to these natural disasters in the future. President Obama is reviewing qualified candidates from ACORN in Chicago for these posts.


  1. And here I thought Bush gave up his weather machine..wtg George!

  2. I still think Godzilla cause the Earth Qake in Japan ... Phil

  3. Godzilla, R-Japan, would make a fine President. I think he should run in 2012.

  4. NEWS FLASH: (Ass.Press) "President Barack Obama announced yesterday that the recent earthquake in Virginia occurred along an obscure flaw in the Earth's crust known as 'Bush's Fault'.
    The Jack o' Roses