Thursday, January 31, 2013

President Obama Lays Off His Own Jobs Council

President Obama's Jobs Council, having one of their rare meetings
Washington DC, Jan 31, 2012. Two years ago President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya,  formed his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness in order to create new jobs for Americans.

Back then, unemployment was right around 9 percent. Two years president later, more than 12 million people in the U.S. are still out of work.

The official unemployment rate has improved to 7.8 percent, but this is largely due to the White House changing the way we count the unemployed. There are actually more people without jobs today then there were the day the President created his Jobs Council.

The Jobs Council was created by one of the President's executive orders, and the original order said that it would expire in two years. 

"I've had enough with these clowns"
The White House has indicated that the President will not seek to extend it, because it has been so ineffectual in creating any new jobs.

According to our sources, the President is furious with his own Jobs Council.

"They were supposed to create millions of new jobs, but instead we lost millions more jobs," and inside source reported hearing him say. "I'm just very lucky that my voters didn't care about my performance in this area" he went on to say.

The 2012 election was the first time in our history where a president won reelection despite worsening economic conditions.

Had the president actually created some jobs he probably would have won with a much larger margin. As it was, the president was very fortunate that his voters don't seem to care much about whether he creates any jobs at all.

Labor Force Participation Rate hits an all time low
The main concern of the Obama voters seemed to be whether the government would extend unemployment benefits, continue free school lunches, federal housing subsidies and the food stamps and welfare programs.

Their primary interest wasn't in "finding a job," but rather in getting more free benefits from the Federal Government.

President Obama met with the council only a handful of times. His last meeting with the group was in February 2012, almost a full year ago.

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