Thursday, October 25, 2012

Michelle Obama calls fat people a national security risk

Candy Crowley, 362 pound CNN Reporter
Washington DC, Oct 25, 2012. First Lady Michelle Obama has repeated her claim that fat people a national security risk.

The First Lady sees obesity as a greater than the threat of terrorism or the threat of rogue nations getting atomic weapons. 

Many objective observers have noticed that the First Lady is a hypocrite for dining on lobsters swimming in melted butter and ribs slathered with barbeque sauce while criticizing others for being overweight.

Michelle Obama prefers pants with elastic waistbands, and her waistline clearly shows that she does not practice what she preaches.

Her critics have pointed to Michelle Obama's spread at her Super Bowl party last year, which was almost exclusively foods high in sugar and salt content. Another example of "do as I say, and not as I do."

The net result of her forcing public schools to serve food that children refuse to eat was a doubling of trash collections from school cafeterias, and a huge increase in children smuggling snack foods into our schools.

Michael Moore slimmed down to 418 pounds
If nothing else, the people on the radical left like Michelle Obama are hypocrites who demand that others follow rules that they themselves refuse to follow.

Former Vice President Al Gore, a professional global warming hoaxster, wants you to stop driving SUVs, because they emit too many unburned hydrocarbons and are bad for Mother Earth. But then he flies around in his private jet, which emits more greenhouse gasses in one trip than you car will in 30 years of driving.

But at least one Democrat Activist takes Michelle Obama's advice seriously. Michael Moore went on a crash diet recently and dropped 22 pounds to bring his weight down to a more flattering 418 pounds.

Mr. Moore says he plans to continue the diet until he reaches his goal of weighing "under 400 pounds."

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