Sunday, April 1, 2012

Deja Vu: Al Gore Kicks Keith Olbermann to the Curb

"Gore is 100% wrong about this"
NYC, Apr 1, 2012. For the second time in two years radical leftwing news commentator Keith Olbermann has been fired by a leftwing TV station.

Olbermann, who was fired by MSNBC in 2011 for making undisclosed political donations in November 2010, has now been fired by Current-TV's managing directer Al Gore.

Former Vice President Al Gore’s Current TV dismissed Keith Olbermann after a year, saying "he no longer represented the channel’s values."

Current TV was “founded on the values of respect, openness, collegiality, and loyalty to our viewers,” Gore and co-founder Joel Hyatt said in a letter yesterday to viewers on the company’s website today. “Unfortunately these values are no longer reflected in our relationship with Keith Olbermann and we have ended it.”

Gore to Olbermann: "You're fired!"
The progressive political outlet replaced Olbermann with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer on a new show, “Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer.” Olbermann clashed with producers at Current TV earlier this year, refusing to anchor election segments and taking himself off the air.

Olbermann, 53, said on his Twitter account that he plans to take legal action against the channel, saying that Gore's claims “are untrue and will be proved so in the legal actions I will be filing against them presently.”

“For more than a year I have been imploring Al Gore and Joel Hyatt to resolve our issues internally, while I’ve been not publicizing my complaints, and keeping the show alive for the sake of its loyal viewers and even more loyal staff.” But Gore insists that these problems were 100% Olbermann's fault.

But Olbermann sees it another way, and claims this dispute had nothing to do with any alleged friction between him and the TV station. "This is strictly about my ratings being a little down," Olbermann told us.

Olbermann had better ratings than Rosie
And there might be a lot of truth in that version, since Al Gore was initially thrilled when Olbermann brought his 28 loyal viewers to Current TV, effectively doubling their ratings.

Mr. Olbermann elaborated: "I realize my rating numbers have slipped from the high twenties to the low teens, but this just couldn't be helped. Two of my viewers died of natural causes, one was executed by the state of Texas, and three more were deported back to Mexico."

"If Gore had just been a little more patient I could have built my viewership back up to 30, or even 40 people per night. But he didn't give me a chance. I had better ratings than Rosie O'Donnel had on Oprah's TV station."

"Gore just wanted the ratings up so he could sell more of his fake carbon credits to the suckers."

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