Thursday, September 8, 2011

Opinion: Why Does the Radical Left embrace Islam?

Radical Mullah offers proof that Obama is Muslim
For some reason that only they can explain, the radical left has chosen to support Islam and reject conventional western religious beliefs.

We actually have a President who celebrates Ramadan at the White House, and who routinely praises this religion.

Of course, that is his right, since Christian Presidents also celebrate their own religion.

President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya,  has plainly stated in his autobiography The Audacity of Hope:
“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

During an interview with George Stephanopoulus, President Obama has told us that:
"you’re absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith."
Stephanopoulus quickly corrected Obama, saying "Don't you mean your Christian faith?" And Obama agreed. But the significance of the Freudian slip was hard to miss.

President Obama's father was a Muslim, as was his stepfather. He has not one, but three Muslim names. As a small child, Barack Obama was enrolled in a Madrass School in Indonesia, where studied the Koran in Arabic.

President Obama recently hosted an Iftar Dinner at the White House, a tradition shared by all Muslims during Ramadan.

I realize some will say that they "don't support Islamic fundamentalism any more than they support Christian fundamentalism." The common belief is that "all religions are good." It is only the radicals in each group who distort their beliefs and cause harm.

But it is not radical Islam that should be the only problem from the so called "progressives."

Young Obama in Muslim garb
It is "mainstream Islam" that preaches all the things that progressive liberals say they oppose:

* banning all types of abortions
* banning all homosexual acts
* very harsh treatment for petty criminal
* completely banning equal rights for women
* banning freedom of religion
* selectively banning books
* allowing polygamy for men
* banning all freedom of expression
* the merging of church and state
* a judicial system run by clerics

Every one of these things are violently opposed by leftists, yet they all are embraced by "mainstream Islam." Mind you, it isn't just the Islamic Fundamentalists who hold these beliefs, but all 1.5 billion Muslims on the face of the earth.

To their credit, Mainstream Islam seems to generally oppose honor killings of family members and the beheading infidels. I suppose this is what separates the radicals from the mainstream.

And the liberal "progressives" in the USA seem to have no problem worshiping a President who was raised with these beliefs, and still praises this religion, even though he says that he converted to a radical Christian Cult of Liberation Theology some time ago.

I see this as a major disconnect for liberals.
The support and defend a belief system that contradicts everything else they believe in.

A textbook used in some public schools
While they violently oppose Christmas trees in public schools, they have absolutely no problem installing  prayer rooms and foot baths for Moslems. It seems like their "wall of separation between church and state" has holes in it.

They have renamed the school Christmas break as a "Winter Solstice Break" so they won't offend Muslims. But they have no problem teaching school children how wonderful the Islamic religion is under the guise of "diversity training."

Perhaps they will say... "the Constitution separates church and state.... not mosque and state?"

Do these people really believe in anything?
Or is everything framed in partisan terms?


  1. I do have one question about liberals being
    supportive of Islam. A great number of
    America's liberals are Jewish. Do they too
    support Islam? If they are all like Bloomberg
    the mayor of NYC, I fear that Jews in America
    are in for a rough ride. Jews in Israel
    will not receive American support, and
    Jews world wide might be facing another

  2. Indigo.... these might not be very religious Jews. In any case, their "liberalism" seems to trump their "Jewishness." In 2008 Barack Hussein Obama got 78% of the American Jewish vote, and this is despite his open hostility to Israel and his stated support for Hamas.

    I'd bet he still gets at least 65% of the Jewish vote in 2012.