Monday, September 19, 2011

Obama: "I was for it... before I was against it"

President Obama demanding that Israel return to 1967 borders
NYC, Sep 19, 2011. Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, has really stepped into it this time.

First, he publicly and loudly affirmed his support for a Palestinian state, even going so far as to state that Israel should return to their pre 1967 borders!

As would be expected, this had the effect of encouraging the Palestinians to seek their own separate state, even if it meant getting one via a UN Mandate.

Then, he discovered he was rapidly losing support from liberal Jewish voters at home.

This is an ethnic voting block that overwhelmingly votes for Democrats, and supplies a disproportionate number of campaign workers and campaign contributions to Democrats. In the last election President Obama got 78% of the Jewish vote. Jews are the second most reliable Democrat voters, after African-Americans. This is significant because Jewish voters are concentrated in five states with high electoral college numbers (NY, NJ, PA, FL and IL).

A full blown panic set in when the Democrats lost Anthony Weiner's seat in NYC, a seat they had held continuously since 1920. It was starting to look like President Obama was losing his support among Jewish voters, and these are votes he will desperately need if next year's election is as close and competitive as most people think it will be.

Now, he has painted himself into a corner, and he had to order his Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, to veto any UN resolution that might create an actual Palestinian State, in order to salvage the Jewish.

Barack Obama, pretending he respects Jews
And when the USA vetos that resolution it will only expose President Obama as the self serving hypocrite he is. Saudi Arabia has already threatened retribution.

We can probably expect another round of oil price hikes when President Obama blocks the very same Palestinian State that he proposed!

Thanks to President Obama's inept way of dealing with foreign policy issues, no matter which way the UN vote goes, the USA will lose.

Either we end up offending an ally, or we end up offending a major oil supplier. The term "Hobson's Choice" may have to be renamed "Obama's Choice" for use whenever we describe a no win situation.

This is exactly what happens when you put amateurs in charge. Barack Hussein Obama has created his own mess.

Lets see if he blames it on Bush... or the Japanese earthquake this time....

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  1. One of Obama’s worst faults is that he takes his own counsel and he has no idea how to govern or what he should say unless someone with more knowledge and smarter than he is advises him. His administration has offended Israel one too many times, and shame on American Jews for taking so long to react to his actions without speaking up in Israel’s defense. Obama has promised the Arabs that Jerusalem will be theirs which has sparked a huge controversy in Israel and forced some to call for making Jerusalem the Israeli capital. He encourages the Palestinians to demand statehood, and then he wants to back out. He did the same with American voters when he promised them hope and change and delivered Zero! The one big difference is that the American voters don’t kill randomly as the Palestinians do, and the American voters don’t have a backup group in the UN like the Palestinians do. The United Nations started out with good intentions, but it has become a place dominated by oil rich Arab countries. The time has come for the United States to close down the complex in NYC , withdraw from the UN and let them resettle their headquarters in Riyadh.