Thursday, July 14, 2011

President Obama's "Jobless Recovery" marks 14th Straight Week with New Unemployment Claims over 400,000

Today the unemployment rate is much higher that when this headline was published
Washington DC, July 14, 2011. For the fourteenth straight week, we have had over 400,000 new claims for unemployment insurance as the Great Recession continues unabated.

Last week 405,000 workers lost their jobs, joining the ranks of over 13,000,000 others who have paid a dear price for the President's experiment in socialism.

President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, has even referred to this as a "jobless recovery" which can only mean he is applying a new definition to the word "recovery."

Previously, it meant when the economy improved and more people found jobs. But for the president it seems to mean "when Goldman Sachs and GE make tons of money."


  1. What the hey is a jobless recovery?
    Is that like being kind of pregnant?

    We are in a DEPRESSION, but no one wants to say it.

    Jobless rate of 9 point whatever my rump roast. Try 20% and you would be a lot more accurate.

    obama is insane. No two ways about it. He should be committed for the rest of his term.

  2. It is an open secret that the unemployment numbers are being heavily massaged by the Obama Administration. Just this May they mysteriously dropped the rate from 9.8% to 9.1% by simply CHANGING THE ACCOUNTING METHOD!

    (In order to achieve that much of a drop, we would have had to create over a MILLION new jobs in one month! So it was simply more convenient to change the way we counted things, to prevent us from having a double digit rate.)

    I agree with you about the real rate of unemployment. It must be much closer to 20% based on the states in my region.

    I think Obama has no idea what he is doing now. He's just running out the clock, hoping for the business cycle to magically improve itself. And it will never happen given his job killing policies.