Thursday, July 14, 2011

Congress Got Rich While the American Economy Tanked

This four minute video should be required viewing for all Americans. If you watch no other video this year, then you should watch this one, and learn about how your Congress is cashing in on insider trading to enrich themselves.

Both political parties do it, although the Democrats seem to be having much more success with their investments than the Republicans are.

This is probably just due to the fact that the party that occupies the White House gets the best insider information. Or perhaps the Democrats just have no restraint, and grab all they can get.

This isn't illegal. Congress has EXEMPTED themselves from insider trading laws! That's right, if a stockbroker tried to do this, he or she would end up in prison. But members of Congress can do it with full immunity.

We all heard about Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, making a 62% return on her investments last year, while everyone else was making very little. She is actually a relatively small player. One Democrat Congressman made over 13,000% profit on his portfolio last year! 

During the period from 2004 to 2008, the S&P 500 dropped 25%, yet 39 Republicans in Congress made over 168% on their investments. If you think that's a nice return... then get this... 41 Democrats averaged a 752% return on their investments during the same period.

Those 100 Congressmen and women earned $152,000,000 during those four years, and in the two years following Barack Hussein Obama's election, they added another $140,000,000 more!
"If these people are so good at managing their own finances, then why are they so bad at managing our nation's finances?"
Visit their website to find out more. In fact, that website should be bookmarked by everyone who is reading this.

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