Wednesday, November 7, 2012

He won: America Has Been Fundementally Transformed

President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, has narrowly won his reelection bid as President.

A slim majority of the American people have voted for higher budget deficits, more national debt, more entitlements, higher taxes, same sex marriage and legalizing recreational marijuana.

The President promised us in 2008 that he would "fundamentally transform America" and he has delivered on that promise in yesterday's election.

Even if it was the only campaign promise he kept, he has really done it.

President Obama could not have done this alone. He had plenty of help from the fawning media, who successfully buried the news about his poor economic results, his staggering debt policies, and succeeded in playing down his many foreign policy blunders, especially the most recent one in Libya.

The media also did a great job of demonizing Republican challenger Mitt Romney, and portrayed this very decent man as a liar, and a "vulture capitalist" someone who was waging a "war on women" by opposing forcing  churches to distribute birth control pills. They had less criticism for radical Muslims who shoot 14 year old girls in the face for wanting to go to school in Pakistan, then they did for Mitt Romney for failing to want churches to provide free birth control pills.

Somehow a slim majority of the voters have been convinced that every bad outcome from policy initiated by the Democrats was "Bush's fault" and that without Obama's leadership "things could have been much worse."  It really makes you wonder how they know this, but they truly do believe it.

America has truly been transformed when a majority... even a slim majority... is so arrogant that they think "obstructing the president's wishes" are now a criminal offense. They didn't feel that way when they obstructed President Bush's policies for eight years, but they feel that way now. In fact, back in 2006 they claimed that "dissent was the highest form of patriotism" although once they got into control it is now considered an act of high treason.

America has truly been transformed when a majority... even a slim majority...think that we can continue to borrow, print and spend more money forever. Even though none of this seems to be working, they are convinced that this is the right way to go. A nation that used to care deeply about their children's future now passes massive debt onto newborn babies, so they can have more government benefits today. They have elevated selfishness and greed into an art form.

America has truly been transformed when a majority... even a slim majority... think that it is in our best national interest to have a submissive foreign policy that ignores our allies and apologizes to our enemies. Even going so far as to give a higher priority to aid for Hamas and the Moslem Brotherhood... over economic aid for Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

America has truly been transformed when a majority... even a slim majority... think that the biggest problems facing our nation today aren't jobs and economic growth... but legalizing marijuana and gay marriage rights. This just isn't the same America we grew up in anymore. It's like living in an alternate universe.

But the people have spoken.

Our system is based on majority rule, and a slim majority has decided that it likes this newly transformed America. So we will continue on this path for the next four years. And when things continue to get worse they Democrats and their allies in the media will just tell us "it could have been worse."

And it will probably work again in 2016, because America really has been fundamentally transformed.

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